Monday, September 22, 2003

I had my brother and his friend nadia over saturday night - her and I were going to do the aids walk sunday...but when I found out the time i realized i couldn't because i was supposed to go sailing, then i visit a friend afterwards....but after she left both plans were cancelled!! worked out though - i watched solaris and star trek nemesis.. Star trek wasn't as bad as people said.. Solaris was interesting, but i don't think i was in the mood for the pacing of the film. Today i was thinking a lot about it, and i really did enjoy some of the questions raised on how we value our human identity, but more importantly how our views of others are skewed.. No matter how much we think we know someone, we are just cracking the surface...even all those 45 year true love marriage success stories would be hard pressed to duplicate the other from memory.. I like roger eberts comments on empathy - Even empathy is perhaps of no use; we think it helps us understand how other people feel, but maybe it only tells us how we would feel, if we were them. Seems obvious - but we forget this in day to day life (perhaps because of ego?)

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