Saturday, September 20, 2003

I want to comment on the fact that I don't have any television at all right now (I do have the system, and watch movies in great sound etc, but no television stations at all).. I've done some reading and happened across some great comments: "the future is less seductive, because the present is more appealing" (tv is a selling job on what you could have..or who you could be).. Another comment is "stop watching others live active lives, live your own active life!".. It really is amazing how much time tv steals from your life.. Even the "background tv watchers"! Music would do instead.. I come home now and the converter is totally useless...very strange feeling...I have to admit that I've chosen to give up tv now primarily because i'm on my own (no more roommates) and am totally in control on what happens where i live..In particular that means I can spend time coooking a LOT!!! :)

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