Thursday, September 25, 2003

Last night my neighbour who lives in the basement apt next door was on her patio with a friend talking about her relationship.. They were talking so loud that i could hear every word that they said.. they were obviously best friends, and she was complaining that she paid for everything for her deadbeat BF, and he still didn't treat her well (ignoring her most of the time) Sound familiar?? I think she should send him a card...! I quickly turned on some music as it was a little annoying (though comical!).. However, it brings something interesting up about relationships.. How sometimes women like to actually be a mother to their bf, however they want to see some ambition and feel like he's going somewhere.. Also, men are still expected to pay ...? Myself, i'm a bit of a traditionalist - opening doors, paying for dinner (especially during the early phases), etc..

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