Wednesday, October 01, 2003

well i turned 29 today. wow. no more going to college bars, huh? or do i have a year left? strange how fast times flies, and how silly and predictable it is to even say that.. Is this the end of an era? or the start of another? I've never been ready to move on...everyone around me seems to be getting married, or pushing hard for a serious relationship...why not me?? Is it the typical "afraid of commitment thing"..? Or something else?? I probably know the answer, but don't want to know it..:) I toured the U of T campus yesterday on a "let's-get-in-shape" bike ride.. At first i was a little sad - oh how i miss those days.. I heard the conversations..."my prof in psych is eccentric"...."are you ready for the midterm"? etc..etc...funny how that turns into "do you like my new couch and chair?"....or..."what colour should i paint my walls"..?

I was supposed to go to my dad & step moms house today for dinner, but it fell through (she was sick).. It was the first time, ever, that I've been invited to their house for a b-day dinner (since i've moved out).. I know i brought myself closer through my "wedding actions" of her favourite son.. I helped organize the wedding A LOT - more than the bride and groom will ever really gained my step-moms respect (cuz I think she's the only one who really knows).. Digression: not that 'that' matters - i wanted my step-brother to have the best wedding possible!!!!! Anyways, now toni (step-mom) is super-nice..!

who hates growing old? say it with me!! :)

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