Monday, December 22, 2003

Well it's been a week! First update is the car - it turns out the other driver wasn't insured anyways! Unless he's pulling something.. however, since he's uninsured i get to pay the "uninsured motorist deductible"?? did I mention how much i love insurance companies?? Oh well... can't remember last week too much - some heavy personal stuff... met some new people.. Friday was a party at darrins - was fun..played an old highschool game - "i never".. funny! Saturday was some more of that personal stuff, then i went out with angela and some of her friends.. I was tired going in - and dinner was a crocodile rocks.. (met some cool polish girls!) but then we decided to not join them at the dance club (not enough energy), so we stopped by a martini bar on college - souz dal - then off to einsteins where we met some of her friends and played darts.. i actually didn't embarass myself..! Moreover, i think i could actually get quite good at that game.. Sunday i went to tims to hang out - haven't seen him in a bit.. Had fun playing wrestling for PS2 and return of the king (AMAZING!).. Now it's tons of christmas shopping!!

Oh yeah - can't forget all the work goin' on too!

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