Monday, December 01, 2003

Well....let's review....friday i didn't get to bed until 8am...saturday was 5:30am..... Friday was fun @ darrins for a mini-house party - hung out with his friend angela.. saturday i saw kim - been a long time! We had fun - and things seem like they're going to work out for her - which is great! Sunday I helped ryan find a good computer - we found a good deal on an eMachines @ futureshop...he's really happy to own one now.. Today the relatively big news hit - apparently my cholesterol is quite bad according to my blood test.. The suggestion is to cut out eggs, dairy and shellfish, and exercise 40-50 minutes/day roughly.. Hmm, that seems to be a fairly major lifestyle change, but the doc says it must be done.. Other men my age have a 2-3% chance of heart disease, i'm over 7% (which is "drastic" according to the doc).. so it seems i must change!! (again??)

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