Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My archives seem to have disappeared...hmm.. Anyways, time for a quick journal update! This past weekend was "guys weekend" - most likely spurred on by return of the king from the week previous..;) Friday, dan, steve (brother), and martin came over - we played return of the king in the living room, and warcraft 3 in the kitchen (on a quickly set up network). We ended up at lava lounge for a bit, as steve was a bit over the top loaded and wanted to go out (the 2D screens were sending him over the edge)..:) Anyways, afterwards we played video games til about 6am, drinkin' some more.. Saturday was the bigger "guys night out party" - I was up around 11am to play a bit more games with dan (he stayed over), then he left and some others showed up.. There were about 10 people there all in all - lets see now - steve, chris, mike, jeff, ryan (that's some of the family), anders, berdj, jakub, and arif.. Unfortunately some others couldn't make it - but it was fun! We even bought a television for the night (for a second console setup on my desk) - so we had two televisions, gamecube, PS2, xbox, and a network with 3 computers set up!! Next time I'll make it even crazier!! The following day I spent with mike and jeff - we had a good relaxing time - polishing off all the left over alcy.. The weekend empties: 8 bottles of wine and about 3 cases of beer! The funny part is - about 3 or 4 of the people over on saturday didn't really drink! Hmm...that's ok - I made up for them...;) Who says I have a drinking problem??? I didn't spill once!

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