Sunday, January 04, 2004

What a strange day yesterday - went on a long bikeride, into mississauga.. Finally got some exercise (and feel much better today)! Steve and emma came over to do some work stuff - we ended up having some wine, snacks, and eventually a few choc. martinis.. They left around 10 or so, and i felt like doing something (but not calling anyone - for strange reasons). So, I picked up a book i recently purchased (history of philosophy), and headed out. Many bars were packed with loud music, so I would walk in, maybe have a drink, but leave. I walked all up and down college, then down to queen, eventually making it to epicure cafe. It was a great environment, just what i was looking for, but they closed at 12:45pm. I did get in some reading, however. I left there, and walked around some more - even back down college to see if some places had 'eased up' a bit. Didn't look good - so i walked down towards the free times cafe, but they were closed. I ended up at einsteins, and essentially met a few people and had some conversations (no reading, sadly). When they closed, I scraped the change left in my pockets, and headed over to a street meat vendor near my place - and ran into angela! Strange, no??!! Anyways, she was out with friends over at sneaky dee's, so we went over to meet them. (i'd already met them before). We headed down to a chinese restaurant for some food - but i wasn't hungry and had no cash (i've learned to leave my bank card at home, intentionally), so i talked for a bit, then headed home. Of course the chinese restaurant was down at spadina (near einstein's) - so i got to walk all the way back again..:) Amazing amounts of exercise yesterday!! I walked a TON that night..

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