Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well....monday was work 8am til 1am...tuesday was 9am til 10pm, then darrin came over for video games + booze (lotr - return of the king - a kickass game!!).. Mmmm....getting tipsy/drunk til 2 or 3am on a tuesday...tuesday & wednesday our russian business partner was over (picked him up), wednesday our sales trainer partner was in (who we're building a sales training course with)...thursday at a client site all day, then working all night (another 1 or 2am kinda thing), friday back to the client site, friday night with ryan at the failte in mississauga.. I was supposed to go to the car show today, but too much work.. tonight there's a 60s party, plus I'm going out for a queen w night..!

And that's the fast update!

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