Monday, July 12, 2004

Ryan came down friday, and we met darrin et all at vinnies (fooz ball, etc), then over to crocodile rock for some rockin' & dancin'..;) Next day was down to the boat at the TMCC for some sailing with was a good day, though a little cold, and despite some mooring difficulties (got tied up on the mooring). It was the regatta party that night, so i dropped angela off, then worked the bar for the evening. later on, some guy passed out, so his hick friends taped him to his chair - pretty funny.. We heard some loud music coming from cherry beach - so we walked down to find about 5-10 people with turntables and speakers out illuminated by car headlights, dancing.. The hicks didn't like the "techno-fag" music too much though, so they left quickly...if i was with anyone else we would have stayed - it was great house tracks..!!! Finally went to bed on the boat around 5am.. next day was sleeping/relaxing/more bar work, then i actually stayed over sunday night as well and did a little reading.. This morning I moored the boat by myself for the first time!! oooooo....impressive. haha.. Anyways, i did eventually make it to work, a little late though - forgot i had a cash flow meeting for the morning! Now it's off to pick up our russian business partner (just flew in) and down to oakville for dinner at Julia's..

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