Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Well, I suppose it should be time for another update?!  Last weekend was ok - friday kim, ryan and i drank wine on ryans patio - we were going to go to the park, but ryans car had a big-time leak..  All in all, ryan/myself drank at least 4 bottles of red wine!!  We went to his local bar for a beer, but didn't make it too morning we had his car towed to can tire, then went to licks for lunch.  It was "customer appreciation day", so each customer received 4 free frozen odd...!  Then off to dad/toni's for a day of swimming, etc..  next day i picked up "Jersey" - a kitten I'm holding on to for Nadia until september 1st..  This kitten is hilarious - i've been playing with him all week...It's confined me to home (outside of work) - as I don't want to leave the poor guy alone for too long..!  Check him out:

This weekend I'm heading up to the algonquin interior for some camping with tim/nancy....I'm renting a ford expedition for the drive - which should be fun..  I've bought soo much camping supplies its not funny - i think i've spent at least $200 thus far on just basic will be lots of fun - we're staying at rock lake on the saturday, then it's over to lake louisa on the sunday (with a nearly 3km portage!!)..

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