Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sooo....last thursday was basketball (ooo....tiring...:) - but I'm getting much better..! The sobey's guys actually call me "really good" now..;) Afterwards, Ryan came over and we hung out for awhile...friday was a queen west night - it turned into an emma going away party to a certain degree, as dan/moniek, kate/mike (bf), steve/emma, and martin/natazsha came out to velvet....then we went over to funhaus.. Kate told me the "big news" she's prego with her new bf's baby..!! Wow.. Saturday was sleep, sleep sleep....i was supposed to go to a bday party, but slept right through it..! Sunday i went out with jen to baldwin st for lunch, then kensington to buy clothes, then down to a patio on the harbourfront....where i proceeded to lock my keys in my car..! Kristin bailed me out - she picked me up and drove my home to get my spare (had to break into my place).. Monday I went out with kim to ted's collision then to souz dal......tuesday emma went back to england, so steve and I went to the CNE casino (HATE charity rules on blackjack - tie goes to the dealer!) and lost a quick $40...then wednesday went sailing with kristin/jenn! Well, technically not "sailing", as there was a problem with the halyard...but we cruised around the inner harbour, and played on the waves in the outer harbour..

tonight, hopefully, I can do LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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