Thursday, September 23, 2004

time for ze quick updatenzee... Last friday Jeff et friends came down for pat's b-day, ryan too...we went to velvet, then a bit at funhaus...which most don't remember..:) I smooth-talked the bouncer to get pat into funhaus - he was *done*.. It was crazy - we were all over the place... i went with one of jeff's friends to find afterhours bars - we ended up at film lounge near was sweet - kickass music, and red bull after red bull..!! Around 5am we went back to pats place, and ryan/jeff were still up - they had just finished covering pats body with a magic marker!! They were also playing the bongo's and singing at him...hehe....and even dripping small drops of water on his nose..!! apparently i was super-hyper - couldn't stop talking (yes, more than usual...hehe).. eventually ryan and i went back to my place - just beating sunrise...saturday day was baldurs gate 2 dark alliance - ryan loves it....then i went up to steves house to chill with dan & steve..we ended up at abstract, i met a lady and walked her home then chatted with her all night...ending up back at steves around 5:30am... they were still up, so it was time for a game of warcraft....then finally, sleep at 6am or later..!! sunday was video games all day..

Now is that a "productive" weekend or what????

Basketball tonight....can't wait for the exercise...this week has been a lot of work....and i was compelled to get star wars battlefront for the PS2 which kicks ass!!!!

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