Wednesday, October 27, 2004

J-Rich is peeved and I couldn't care less. This guy is identical to q-rich - not richard jefferson. Both jason richardson and quentin richardson had nearly identical numbers - on losing teams. both improved year over year, but still on teams that never won anything. Jefferson, while a little overrated, can actually shoot the ball and is a strong defender. Oh yeah - he's been to the finals, and the playoffs a number of times. J-rich can't defend a mannequin. He's a dunker with a horrendous shooting percentage!!!! How is that possible? Oh yeah - he can't shoot the ball!! The Kidd/Martin argument falls flat - unless j-rich actually played with them, we can never know if it would actually make a difference.

Mullin - don't give it to him!!!!! Troy Murphy may deserve a good extension though - he's a legit power fwd with a bit of a mean streak.. I seem to remember an incident with murphy and our raps a couple years ago....

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