Monday, November 22, 2004

Alright - as you can tell I'm not a ron artest fan. If you don't know about "friday night fights" - last friday's game between indiana and detroit - check out artest's behaviour in this video. For some reason the sound is choppy in the first video. Wallace was wrong for over-reacting - but a good ol' pushing melee has been seen many times.. The fan shouldn't have thrown the cup (and it wasn't the kid artest went after) - it was the guy punching artest in the back of the head. The huge guy who is bashing Jones? Apparently Jones almost trampled his 4 yr old daughter..

The guy most obviously fault? Artest. He shouldn't have gone into the stands - especially when he didn't even know who threw the cup.

Should the officials have called the game during the initial player v player melee?

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