Monday, December 20, 2004

Back from jersey into the freezing temps of ontario...i hate the cold.. can't totally kill the "bug" - for some reason it just won't go away..although I'm not killin' m'nose like last week in the meetings! Oh well.. jersey was fun - it's good to travel.. went out with one of the sales people who was pretty funny.. he passed me his cell phone, and the first words out of the other end were "my areola's are HUGE compared to the size of my tits" was his girlfriend being drunk and, well, acting "funny"..! It went on for a bit, with her saying more of the same type of thing.... i think that meant i was in the customers "good books", huh??
The airport sucked - we tried to get an earlier flight, but air canada wanted too much $$$, so we waited what was supposed to be an extra couple o' hours, but our flight was delayed for an hour.. At least I finished going corporate.. a bit unnecessary for me, but a fun read nonetheless!

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