Thursday, January 06, 2005 update time! Yeah!!

It was the usual christmas tour - dads on 23, 24, and morning of 25... Mothers for afternoon and evening of 25th. Mike/myself barely had any dinner, because we had loaded up on candies/chocolates/etc! So we went back to steves house to sleep over, and played vid games all night, whilst drinking gin (made a huge dent in the big bottle)! Next day was bonnie/teds for their "boxing day open house" - it was fun because Mike and I had one or two drinks, and became a little "giddy"..:) We more or less acted like idiots and laughed our faces off!

Monday/Tuesday a friend of mine from london eeengland was in town (visiting family for the holidays) so we went to spring rolls, a supposed 3d movie (but it turned out to be a kids movie - oooops!), and then out to andy pool hall with some friends... back to drink more at my place...then a long breakfast at maggies the next day (they used to be good, but now they SUCK!).

Then it was back to work for the rest of the week....while most of the others were on holiday.. Hmm....what is a "vacay-shun"?? I should do that sometime. Anyways, new years eve was good - there was a party at my place, so we stayed there for a bit. Steve arrived and promptly spilled red wine TWICE in the first 5 minutes!! WTF??? Then we headed over to martin's place - it was lots o' fun.. Next day, I caught a mad fever that killed me for the weekend. Finally I've given in, gone to the doctor and got antibiotics. I'm tired of "pulling through" being sick!

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