Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Alright Alright Alright….time for the big update. January was pretty crazy, I was in jersey for a week, then flew back home late Friday, did the same-day drycleaning on Saturday and met a co-worker for some business stuff…my battery died on the way home outside the I got a quick jump and just drove home..I flew out early Sunday morning to Orlando for lotusphere.. Sunday night was the beach reception, and it was fah-reezing..!!! Still a bit fun, but really cold. Monday was the stretched-out product reception (8:30am til 8:30pm on the show floor) followed by bluezoo and some other bars, Tuesday was another 9 hours on the show floor, then the jellyrolls dueling piano bar (always fun!), and Wednesday was the final 8 hours on the floor, followed by islands of adventure.. we took a taxi over this time to get in right away! Little lesson – be sure to eat a proper lunch and dinner, and don’t chug beer/wine before going on rollercoasters over and over..:) Thursday morning I missed my flight to NJ by something like 3 minutes (they won’t let you through if you’re not there exactly an hour early), but I found another for 60 bucks (spirit). I talked up enterprise into an infiniti fx 35 – which was definitely a sweet ride..! Saturday it was back to Orlando, and there all week for training/implementation.. I left the hotel once – and that was for dinner at spoodles, and drinks back at jellyrolls…which wasn’t as crazy this time, but still fun. I flew back this past Thursday, getting home around midnight.. Of course my battery was completely dead, so I just cabbed into and out of work on Friday.. My brother mike came down Friday, and we hit the bier markt, velvet, funhaus, etc…we ran into some “Ayr” folks at velvet (friends of jeffs – another brother), and partied at their place afterwards. Saturday was a friends birthday at his place in high park, followed by sharkeys…painfully eventful evening, but I won’t write it here.. Sunday was vid games, Monday was the firkin/flatiron for a texas hold’em tournament (finished 15th/50 roughly), and Tuesday was a later work night + laundry! That should do it for now……………..

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