Monday, February 28, 2005

Subway Fresh Toasted Subs Review.

As a big Quizno's fan, I thought I'd give the new subway toasted subs a try. There is a subway close to my work - on goreway, just north of derry. I have avoided this place since it was sold to new owners, as the new guy is extremely cheap. But, lets give it a try anyways. My first real surprise was the cost - $11.60 for a footlong sub (chicken bacon ranch), as a combo. Woah! That's quizno's-like pricing! But the sub itself left much to be desired - very, VERY stingy on the chicken and bacon--two pieces of bacon on a footlong? Not enough chicken to stretch the length of the sub? I hope it's just this owner, his corner-cutting is obvious, and hilarious!

I've finished the combo, and am still hungry. At 11.60, that's ridiculous!


Mike & Kate said...

That's crappy!!
I just tried the fruit bowl from Wendy's... Yummy!! There was LOTS of fruit in there and the strawberry yogourt dip was really good!
And it was $5.99. I think it was worth it!


Edge said...

if you eat a lot of that (ie every day), it would be 10 bucks for 3+ meals! :)