Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Milt Palacio takes 15 shots?? Watching that game last night was offensive. A few times I had to change the channel, I could no longer watch the monstrosity that is our backcourt. Milt takes 4 more shots than bosh? Milt takes the most shots out of all the raptors? Who cares about bosh's 5 turnovers, Milt had SIX! Milt had 2 assists! What ratio is that?? Like the Rock says - "Know your role"! Same old mantra - GET the ball INSIDE to bosh. Also last night, how about getting MoPete the ball more often? He was on a mission - but NO, rafer/milt insist on bouncing the ball far too much, and then throwing up an ill-advised shot. All I hear is how the raps need another forward this off-season, expecially with bonner & woods leaving; but I'm convinced we must find a pass-first point guard. This team doesn't need a scoring point guard - especially if they aren't any good at it.

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