Thursday, April 28, 2005

Detroit isn't all that pretty

Detroit is not that pretty. Really. I'm near 14 mile and 75 - it's ok, but wow are most of the roads in rough shape. All those cars, no good transit system to speak of - nice. Please! Buy a car now! Then drive it on Ford Fwy!

I've rented a Ford Escape Hybrid. The mileage is pretty good - 45 litres took me 450-500 kms. Not bad for an SUV, but not great for a wussy hybrid. Over 120kms/hr, and it freaks out. Anywhere below - and it's got pretty good punch. The interior is terrible too - wherever you rest your arms is plastic. Makes the 3.5 hr drive to detroit somewhat uncomfortable - if only discount was any good as "hoooolding" the reservation (seinfeld reference). I specifically told them on the phone I wanted a fullsize car - no escape, no minivan. I arrive the very next morning, and all they have is a ford escape and minivan. Good at taking the reservation...but just don't know how to hooold the reservation.

Driving home tomorrow night, then moving saturday morning!

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