Monday, May 30, 2005

A Gamers' Manifesto

This is pretty funny overall. Sometimes he's a bit off - but Paul Phillips highlights hit it bang on.

Definitely read point #9 - all about immersion:

Almost every game does this. In Lord of the Rings: Return of the King there's actually a "run out of a crumbling building" level and where stones rain down on your head and block your path. So the biggest difficulty in the level is that you can't jump over a knee-high stone because THERE IS NO F&#KING JUMPING IN THE GAME.

Even Better:

Racing games pull this, too. Why do I have to spend 40 hours driving a minivan just to get enough money to buy a Honda Civic? Why can't I have access to all of the content right away? What if I don't feel any satisfaction in "unlocking" the game features I already paid real-life money for and just want to fucking race the Ferrari on the box art!

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