Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My Highlights of the new consoles

supports up to 7 bluetooth controllers (sweeeet)
6 USB slots right in the controller
wifi connectivity from controller to PSP (for use as remote screen!)
slots for compact flash/memory sticks
definitely supports previous PS2 games
"The Cell" - 9 separate processors
supports up to 1080p (HD crazy)
seems like it will have more power than the xbox (maybe even SIGNIFICANT more power)
uses blu-ray discs (more data, supports HD movies, etc)
PS3 review here
Sample New Game Image!!!!

XBOX 360
coming out THIS YEAR!
USB ports on xbox will support MP3 players for dynamic soundtracks!
interesting "Ring of Light"
Xbox live silver is free; won't need credit card for Gold
integration with media center edition for streaming from PC
focus is all about online
Xbox Review here


PS3 looks like the better of the two right now. BUT, with Xbox 360 beating PS3 by 6 months, I'll probably buy both!

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