Monday, May 09, 2005

Weekend Update

Friday was at anders house for a poker game with some old university friends...I came in 3rd/8 - OK, I guess...the cards were hitting for others (still getting edged....any some questionable play..;).. Saturday I took a look at some receivers - currently considering the denon avr-1905 and the marantz 5500 - the denon looks the best. Then it was to sis's place for mothers day dinner (mom was in town), then back to my place for a previously booked poker night. Just before the start of the first game, we attempted to take a box spring down to the basement. I was standing on the landing, and suddenly CRASH - a picture had fallen about 6 ft and landed on my head. Glass everywhere (in my clothes, embedded in my face, etc)...and some cuts...the biggest being just into my hair on my forehead. It was a bit messy - 4 different cuts were bleeding to various degrees.. Stitches? Nah - there was poker to be played! A couple of the guys called their wives/girlfriends over - who were nurses.. so they took a look. The forehead cut wasn't too deep, so that was good. Jeff won the first game, with Mike in 2nd. (i was out first - for obvious reasons) I won the 2nd game, with Mike in 2nd.. The family dominates! Sunday was brunch, then walked around high park with the bro's, then drove them home and spent time with my mother. She really wanted to play poker, so we played - she won! Final hand she beat mike with American Airlines (pocket aces).. After that, we watched national treasure - I didn't know anything about it - but it seemed like a da vinci code rip off. Some fun stuff though - and ok overall.

On the drive home, I was cruising about 120km/hr or so in the middle lane when voooom, a early 90's 5.0 mustang whipped by me.. He must have been doing 170+/hr. His car looked quite unstable.. About 2 seconds later - vooooom, another car whips's the OPP! "Haha" I laugh, "he's caught". Nope - it's a chase - and the mustang won't give up. I sped up to try to see what was going to happen - but soon they were long gone, and I didn't see them again. Must have got off at hwy 6..

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