Monday, June 27, 2005

Ticks me Off

Ok - The Arcade Fire put on an unbelievable performance at the Muchmusic video awards. I mean one of the top performances I've seen on television. What ticks me off? The fact that I can't download the video. Why can't I? Why not provide the MPG? In the end, a 40 Mb+ video file will NOT prevent me from purchasing the CD and other media - rather, the opposite. Moreover, why can't I buy it? Say, for 3 bucks?

Muchmusic's idea of marketing is to put snippets up on their web site, to entice you to watch the repeat performance.

What will it take for the music industry to friggin' get it?? Now with silly decisions like this - the industry will keep blocking innovation! I agree with Cuban on this one. And wasting money!

It seems like they'll never get it - oppressive control doesn't work in the end! Instead - lead with technology, and we'll follow. I would LOVE to use iTunes for downloading songs - BUT:

  • the restrictions are retarded (I get a new computer every year or so - meaning I'll have to burn CDs in the end)
  • a lot of songs are not on there (even VNV Nation is missing)
  • i'm stuck with the iTunes player (miraculously I actually prefer windows media player! Wow - I prefer a MS app!)
  • 0.99/song is too expensive. I can find CD's in toronto for 10 bucks. ENTIRE CDs. You know, something I can touch - with a plastic case and everything! iTunes is the new middle IT COSTS YOU LESS to distribute to me electronically. I GET LESS. So CHARGE LESS!
There probably is a huge opportunity for someone in Europe, CEMA, or Asia to do something interesting here - especially with innovation being stifled so dramatically in the US.

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