Thursday, July 28, 2005

Drivin' the 401

Last week I rented a car (grand pricks, wait, prix that is) and headed to detroit on business. The week was busy - up early training and out late relationship-building (uh...drinking that is). Drove back thursday - went through sarnia for a change. Funny thing happened at the top of the bridge on the way across the border - i ran out of gas. Hmm...what to threw on the hazards and rolled down the hill slowly (jamming the brakes - they are power-assist so hard to push when the car is off). Near the bottom I stopped, and a customs person came out. I explained the situation, and she let me "roll right into canada"! haha.. They were very nice, and gave me a bit of gas to get me to the nearest gas station. Next night I went out "on a date" to a few places, then saturday drove the other way down the 401 to bownmanville, then up to bancroft for a family reunion. It was actually more fun than I anticipated...the water was great! Then back down home the next day. With some of the other driving - I put nearly 2,000 km's on that rental!

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