Monday, July 04, 2005

Great Poker Article

What a great poker article. While I would never fold a royal flush, EVER, it's a great point. Personally it seems that I always win on wired 9's, but I will fold to a big bet post-flop with AK10 on the board. It is tough to remove the attachment, however..:) Some great quotes from this article:

King-Queen has picked up a nickname in poker circles—it’s called the Kournikova. Why? Because it looks good, but it never wins.

As with football, in poker your kicker doesn’t always determine who wins or loses. But going to war with a so-so kicker is a sure-fire way to lose in both games.

and....most importantly.....

The worst hand in poker isn’t junk like 6-3 or 9-4—it’s the hand that comes second best at the showdown.

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