Friday, July 29, 2005

I LOVE the labels, really, I do!

"Recording industry titan Sony BMG Music Entertainment agreed Monday to pay $10 million and stop bribing radio stations".

Hilarious what the exec's did:

In another case in 2004, the promotion department of Sony BMG label Epic Records paid for an extravagant trip to Miami for a Buffalo DJ and three friends in exchange for adding the Franz Ferdinand song “Take Me Out” to the DJ’s station’s playlist.

Furthermore, the article comments that:

Asked why he did not bring criminal charges in the case, Spitzer noted the criminal laws governing pay-for-play are more specific and difficult to violate than the civil laws.

Most people just read this and say "uh, ok"...but what does it really mean? What are the laws that make it "more specific"? 10 Mil is *nothing* to Sony, and the guilty execs have not been punished in any way. Look what they did:

Spitzer said Sony BMG employees sought to conceal some payments by using fictitious contest winners to document the transactions.

Uh, not criminal?? This does smell a little fishy. Shouldn't the arrogant labels be made to suffer a bit more?

Wonder what the poor mother who had to ante up $2000 for her kid downloading music thinks about this?

I can't wait until RSS+BLOGGING+ITUNES/ETC+PODCASTING+NEXTGENERATIONCOOLSTUFF destroys the labels! Take back creative control, and give the public true choice!

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