Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My head is going to explode

The move towards advanced mapping technology, not to mention the SPEED, is frickin' awesome.


They have block images where you can see a picture of what that address looks like (for a few cities currently. The interface is ok - but I'm so used to click and drag on google that i hate having to use the scroll buttons on the main map (though you can click/drag on the minimap).

Yahoo Maps

The interface is boring and typical - nothing exciting there. However, the simple XML web service for integration is interesting...

Google Maps

The best. By far. Click and drag to move the map around; great local search capabilities, just a slick interface. The integration is more complex - but there have been some great things done. And lets not forget the satellite images - which are sweet. Especially when people dig up some cool pictures.

Google Earth

The mecca. Download and install this now, any way you can find. I love this app - it's addictive. Combining the satellite photos, local search, and slick interface, it's awesome! Search on toronto, and it'll zoom in. Then search on tokyo, and it'll zoom out, spin around the world, and zoom in. Definitely sweet. Some of the cities in NA they have created polygons representing buildings and terrain - you can rotate, zoom, move up/down, and more. The versions that cost money have GPS and GIS integrated!!!! They're also looking at in-map advertising - wow.

I can't WAIT until these technologies have matured - think of the impact on many, many industries!!!!

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