Monday, July 18, 2005

Weekend Update

What a great weekend - lots of fun! Friday we played a bit of razz with darrin/rick, then went to the madison. A good night - with some debate on the state of the canadian healthcare system... They feel it's in great shape - and I disagree...:) Went back to my place, and hung out til probably past 5 in the morning.. Up at 10am, and off to the TMCC to get ready to bartend for the regatta.. Picked up some supplies to make Mai Tai's (etc) with all the free rum from Mount Gay, and opened the bar around 2pm.

Around 6pm, we realized that we did not have enough supplies - we were basically out of beer and triple sec.. So, with steve unable to drive, I was off to the liquor & beer stores.. I loaded the 4 cases of beer into my car, and went back inside to drop off the cart. Back to the car, I noticed that the door was locked. And the keys were inside. Sweet! Or not. So I called the club - they would send someone up. I was near queen/leslie, a sketchy area of the city at best...with a couple of coathanger's trying to break into my car....ahhh...what a life!! 45 minutes later, no one had arrived yet, so I called the club back. Turns out they were sending the person to the wrong spots (twice). I corrected them, and he arrived later. We tried further to get into the car (his 15 yr old kid seemed to be quite the expert), but alas, the shield on the lock inside the door proved too difficult. Sooo....the driver picked up a couple of cases, and headed back down; and I was off to my place in high park in a taxi to break into my house to get my spare key. 45 minutes later, not to mention $60 later, I'm back at my car, and driving down to the club.

Unfortunately I missed some fun parts of the evening...but the band was still going, and they were really good.. Apparently they used to play the old bamboo lounge on queen st w - once a great place... I sent steve off the bar, as it was A MESS (and I mean a huge mess), and cleaned it all up while tending bar. Honestly, how does this guy get his shoes tied properly in the morning!! He was having fun...:) I closed the bar around 1am, as basically beer was all that was left - the 18 bottles of rum were long gone...! Apparently it was the largest receipt at the bar ever in the history of the TMCC!! The mai tai's were very well-received - got people drinking that usually avoid the generic rum/cokes & beer.

After the bar was shut down, I sat down and chilled for awhile. We went down to check out the other boat club, but nothing was happening there...Ended up having a long conversation with some other people (who were drunk/high) about canadian nationalism/self identity vs the rest of the world..among other topics..:)

Around 3am, we heard a crash, followed by a number of groans. We went over to the parking lot, and looked around. Didn't find anything, so we headed back.. I thought I may have heard another groan, much more soft this time, so I went back to have a look. At the foot of a pickup truck, a guy was lying there groaning and shaking, with blood coming out of the side of his mouth. It was pretty obvious that he fell asleep in the back of the truck, rolled off, and smacked his head into the large, steel boat trailer immediately beside the truck. He had MANY drinks that night - he usually gets utterly loaded each and every regatta. I called the other guys over, and we took a closer look. He was shaking heavily, and continued to we decided to bite the bullet and call an ambulance.

They arrived FAST - 10 minutes most likely, with an ambulance, fire truck, and police cruiser. A couple of the other guys were running around - the paramedic yelled at them to F#@& off or else they will be arrested and will go to jail. They pulled up, and took a look at the guy, who eventually was fine (which was good news). We chatted with the paramedics for a bit (once they realized that we weren't a threat, just concerned), and they eventually took off. Before they left, they did make sure that the injured guy went to the boat where his parents were (so as to not reproduce the event.

Around 5am it started to storm, so we finally decided not to sleep on the boat and headed back to my place (I drove - didn't drink much at all - BELEE DAT). Up at 11am the next day, picked up the rental car, back down to the boat club (with quizno's on the way), then headed off to detroit! Border wasn't any fun - they were obviously cracking down a bit.

Now in detroit...not much to say other than up at 6am this morning, and just got home recently! (dinner afterwards)

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