Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A quick catchup on the recent times.. Had a 31st b-day (no jokes, PLEASE!) a week ago saturday - played whirlyball, lasertag, then had a bbq and small party with good friends....great times!! Advice - don't hook up a bottle of wine to a shot dispenser, it's really not a good idea..:) This past friday, Ryan was over until about midnight, then I did the ol' "velvet?" txt msg to Dan - and off we went!! It was one of those 5:30am nights..:) Saturday kind of fell apart - so I went up to casino rama with darrin/rick - which was REALLY good (it deserves a separate post), then sunday/monday I was at my brothers/christines for thanksgiving, and some "chillin' ".. Now it's back to work - and it's getting Bizzee..;)

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