Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mr. O'Reilly

At my dad/step-moms last night - and we were watching bill o'reilly. He was well-behaved for the most part, which was good. In the name of entertainment - I can accept him. But in the name of "news" and factual commentary, I have a lot of trouble with him. Just watch this video of him vs. Phil Donahue. Notice that Bill O'Reilly never makes any factual points, he just likes to say "You're clueless!", "You're a radical!", "Don't walk away!!". Rather than solutions. Basically, he's a name-calling bully. Also, he claims Iraq is a hotbed of terrorism - but IT WASN'T before the americans invaded!! Here's an excerpt from this page:

O’REILLY: Yes it does! And if you don’t understand geopolitics, if you don’t understand Iraq
would be a terrorist state if we pulled out of there, you don’t know anything!

So the “noble cause” is invading countries that are no threat to us, turning them into magnets for terrorists, stirring up anti-American sentiment throughout the region, and then making sure we don’t take the cap off the bottle we just shook up?

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