Monday, November 14, 2005

Catchin' up

Thurs - went to the NIN concert afterparty @ velvet - which was pretty sweet. Friday - went to red hot with Noel & scott - both Noel & I made the final table! First hand - I'm SB with 16,000 chips left. Level is 2k ante, 4k & 8k. One limper - I fold my 7 2 off. Noel (BB) goes all in - flop is.....7 7 7! What the....knew I should have played the hammer..:) The cards barely improved in the next 4 hands - so I was all in with Jc10c - and the lucky lady of the evening had AA again. I watched the end of it - it was pretty funny to see her get picked apart heads up when the cards fell even. She was under the impression that her opponent had great cards - but he was selectively showing her winning hands, then pushing her off other hands. Great stuff.. After, it was out to a fox & ____ at yonge/st clair with my sis & a friend for a few drinks.

Saturday we went to Casino Niagara. Wow - I haven't been there in a looong time, and it was much improved! The poker room is significantly better than rama - and they have pagers and you can call in to place a reservation. Unlike rama, where you have to stand around for hours, waiting. Anyways, the three of us were pretty card dead for the longest time (or "showdown bridesmaids") - a couple of players were running over the table with crazy luck. Ie - one person would limp UTG with 9 7 offsuit, then hit a full house..! Oh well - I ended up falling even for the day - one friend busted, the other made 25% of his stack. We left around midnight - but I really...REALLY wanted to stay, because the table was getting crazy juicy. Oh well - next time.

Raps are 0-6. Maybe steven a. smith isn't a total idiot. But at least yesterday's game was entertaining. I love calderon's game - his end-of-game TO showed that he is a rook however. And see Charlie V on the boards - WOW! Bosh doesn't get called for a moving pick for his 6th in OT - they might win that game.

Jalen Rose is done. Cooked. Over. No D - and his O is OVER-rated. Bonner's D is non-existant. He can't make the outside shot - he squats. That's all there is to it - he's a swinging door inside...It was actually funny to watch him get turned around, over and over. Hey Bonner - you can't guard someone when you're facing your own basket!

We're 0-6 - so go with Calderon, James, Peterson, Villenueva, Bosh to start, with Graham and A. Williams coming off the bench, and bonner/rose as the 8th man. Araujo and Sow aren't the end of the world - good for some fouls. James is your only true scoring guard right now - so put him at SG! That lineup is at least entertaining - and calderon is the first true PG we've had in a looong time.

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