Thursday, November 24, 2005


You know, I am starting to get a little excited over our front court of villanueva & bosh - there is a lot of potential & excitement there, with a stiff or two coming off the bench for dealing with larger opposing centres (ie hoffa). Speaking of hoffa, let's talk about last nights game vs the clippers - he started very well - playing loose, and hard. He just needs to be better on the defensive glass - especially with a guy like kaman who can be a little slippery. What killed us? 6 Points on 1-12 shooting. Who could that be?? Oh yeah - Jalen Rose, the new Lamond Murray....aka "Black Hole". Watch Q1 again - pass him the ball, he's going to drive/shoot some horrific shot. There is no "Jalen" in "team"..!

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