Friday, January 13, 2006

Update from Phoenix

In phoenix now - last leg of the trip. Nothing much interesting - though this time I have a lincoln towncar...SUCH an old mans car. But comfortable. The nissan murano I had in LA sucks ass - don't bother with that POS.

Interesting things this trip:
- saturday in san francisco was fun - after harris' restaurant, we hit a total of 5 additional bars all across the city. Slick bars, dives, live music, etc. They shut down right at 2am, on the dot. As in "everybody out!" It was strange, but funny.
- Flying in and out of long beach airport is sooo easy. By far the easiest in terms of speed - no lineups anywhere - we drove into the airport in the rental, and 10 minutes later had dropped off the rental car, picked up a boarding pass, and passed through security. Plus free wifi in the "terminal" (very small). Crazy!
- In San Francisco, we drove north on Hwy 1 (shoreline hwy) up to Stinson beach. Right before stinson we pulled over and decided to hike down. A number of the pictures are from down there - it was pretty sweet. And reminded me that I'm definitely not in shape, especially coming back up. Actually, a little dangerous...slip once on the way up, and I'm tumbling down anywhere from 25 ft to 50 ft.
- Venice beach is alright - kind of like a long wasaga beach (#1). Lots of those storefronts, plus basketball courts with "street players", and the outdoor workout area. It was really long - extends for miles.
- Phoenix is warm - 24 C tomorrow!

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