Saturday, January 07, 2006


Been awhile! Christmas was good, and fattening. New Years was crazy - had a party at my place, and everyone was into it...gotta love parties like that! drama....:) I'm on the road now - yesterday I was up at 5am EST, off to the airport and arrived in milwaukee for 10:30, drove up to customer site, then back down at 4pm, then flight to chicago for 7pm, walk to the other end of o'hare (if you've connected in chicago, you know what this means..:), then flight to san jose, drove north hotel in south san francisco, arriving at midnight local time (3am est). Have a cadillac CTS here - which isn't too bad. The center console is annoyingly large, but it's a comfortable ride.
I'm here until wednesday, then LA for thursday, and phoenix for friday - then back home saturday to move! (oh - and pack - but most of the big stuff should be moved already - just dishes, clothes, DVDs, etc). Let me know if you can help - it would be about 5pm..

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