Monday, April 03, 2006

Day-trippin, night-swimmin'

After some day shopping and touring downtown by foot, I ended up at an outdoor heated patio just off Stureplan called East. Dinner there was excellent - everything in Stockholm is natural & organic, the food is clean and great! I chatted with a Bouncer who is training for MMA, and he directed me to Sturehof, across the street, where there will be a Morrissey after party. It was a little early, so I went over to the Bull & Bear Inn, which had a very good beer selection. The bartender and a patron were talking about beer, and I ended up trying D Carnegie - which was excellent, and a 15 year old Sam Adams that was stellar. The bartender reflected that the US seems to make some of the worst & best beer out there. I then talked to a professor who was in Stockholm to give a talk on Cypriot history - as stockholm has the largest collection of artifacts outside of Cyprus!

The in was off to Sturehof to check out this after party! The bouncer let me right in - and I went to the back & upstairs. I met a group of friends- some big business guy, a *very* friendly girl, and a san francisco traveller who was mixing it up with all the sexes..! They were pretty wild - but it was fun & funny. I don't know if/when Morrissey showed up - but eventually I went back to east, met some other people, then went with them to an after-club that was basically a Stockholm version of Film Lounge, but less strippers and more fun people..! Apparently different clubs/bars have different licenses, so the after-club was serving til 5am (where the pub closed at 11:45pm)!!

Anyways - great times!! I turned the sunday into a saturday..:) Today was the business meeting, which went REALLY well. Sleeeeeep tonight......

At the afterparty club.

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