Sunday, April 02, 2006

First Trip out - observations

Swedes are taller - the average height seems to be 5'11 to 6'2. I've heard the dutch are taller (though I haven't been there yet) - but the swedes are taller too. It's pretty cold here - around 0C - but people are walking around outside eating ice cream?!? The other thing that stands out - no one here is overweight! It's even slimmer than toronto (compared to the 'burbs) - I think I'm in the top 5% of fat people here..! ;) I really wish I was here in the summer instead - I hate the cold..:) The architecture is pretty cool - stockholm is actually built on 14 islands. Tomorrow I will explore the old town (Gamla Stan), which looks really cool.

Oh - and be prepared cash-wise before you get here. I had a bit of a tough time finding an ATM (bankomat) that worked with interac.

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