Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Today I went up to Uppsala by train to meet at the customers main location for the day. Great meeting again - the swedish market is very interesting. Afterwards, our host took us to visit downtown Uppsala - while it was cold, it was very nice. Lots of cobblestone, and a river running right through downtown. Apparently, the students take a raft and go down the river at the 3rd week of April, and end up getting dunked at the end in the large waterfall - in freezing waters to celebrate the true beginnings of spring!! We visited the Cathedral of Uppsala - which was very impressive (much better than the one in Gamla Stan). It was quite gothic, and much bigger.

Afterwards, it was a 40 minute train ride back to stockholm, dinner, then some drinks with some quite interesting people. They let me know of some interesting bars in Sodermalm - so this friday or saturday should be fun........:)

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