Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Great weekend, bad ending

Had a great day saturday at wonderland - the italian job was great, and we rushed the final 1/2 hour into 2 wildebeasts, 4xVortex (without getting off), and 1.5x thunderrun! The weekend ended badly when I came down with obvious food poisoning - still recovering today. Still not really eating, though, but am drinking water, and playing some online poker..:) Played a $20 SnG today 6-handed, and ended up 2nd. 1st had AA twice, KK three times, and other mid to high pocket pairs another 15-20 times throughout the game. I saw AA and KK (twice) heads up - I survived the on slot by buying his blinds and playing bully, but when the flop came down 5 Q 5 I had to push holding Q 2 - only to see his A 5..:) Oh well - 2nd is still good..:)

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