Thursday, May 11, 2006

I forgot the best story from the Casino

All that degree nonsense corrupted my brain to the extent that I forgot witnessing the strangest hand I've ever seen. Here's how it went down:

On the button, I limped with J10. Flop came down A K J, all hearts. A bet and raise to me, and I folded (wasn't tilting THAT much at this point - I was behind in too many ways). Turn was Qh. Wow - I missed out on my straight, but come on, 4 to the flush?? Anyways, river came out. TEN OF HEARTS! Yes - completing the royal flush ON THE BOARD!! I've never seen a royal flush before - but to see it on the board?! As Kevin McBride would say - "I play the board"!


Anyways - here's a "did you know" that I picked up somewhere on the web. If you are at a full 10-handed table, and look down to see QQ under the gun, what are the chances that you will run into KK or AA? About 8% of the time! (nearly a 10 to 1 shot)

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