Monday, May 08, 2006

My Degree All-In Moment

So Sunday was the degree poker tournament, first stage. I had no idea what to expect - structure, goals, or even time commitments. I had heard stories that the blind structure was pretty good, which had me excited. Nope. The blind structure was significantly faster than Red Hot, unbelievably. Here was the structure:


Notice that they truly doubled, and the ante's started at Level 3. How often did the blinds go up? Every 20 minutes. What about starting chip count. 2000. In writing - Two Thousand. WHAT! I was all-in on the second hand, just because I had re-raised on the flop and had to continue on fourth street (he folded). By the third level, nearly every pot had someone all-in pre-flop.

So how did I do? Well, roughly 60 out of 240 starting players. When was I done? Under two hours!! That's right - down to 60 after much less than two hours. The players who were still playing at this point were pretty awful, but just lucky to win with 9 7 offsuit against K 10 offsuit. Or had AA or KK at the right time.

My best hand was J 9, and that was about it. I only stayed alive because I bought a couple blinds & antes (which was nearly a double up).

Anyways, here it is: THE DEGREE POKER TOURNAMENT SUCKS. I fully expect the second stage (which is partially televised) to be filled with CHECK CALLS on gutshot draws..:)

Any positives? Well, the tournament registration and presentation was very well done, and the Fallsview casino itself it quite nice. Oh - and the night before at a rock bar there was pretty much the best rock cover band I've ever seen!

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