Friday, September 01, 2006

Twelve Years and Counting!

Well, the US just lost another chance for the World Title, this time to Greece. You know, Greece - the team without ANY NBA PLAYERS on it!! Wow. They haven't even played a title game since their last win in 1994! Some wild facts:

Greece shot 63%
One of the Greek guards had 12 assists
USA shot 59% from the free throw line
Greece committed just 12 turnovers
Greece burned the USA on the pick and roll, over and over and over...
The Greek big men dominated the USA big men (wow!)

Crazy. Let's hope the americans learn team ball - dribbling and shooting alone just doesn't cut it. I bet they don't!

This bodes well for the Rap's this year - one of the most international teams with a team-first attitude (plus an angry bosh, who had only 5 minutes in the loss).

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