Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Interface

I was thinking of re-doing the interface for awhile...and yesterday, upon logging on, Blogger posted a "blogger beta" version....so why not?!

There isn't a whole lot new - but the biggest is tagging (unbelievable that it was never there before), and a neat interface for blog design. Though, most bloggers with even a bit of HTML may want to go beyond their drag and drop. This comes from MSN spaces...whom I think may end up winning this battle. They have a ton of mindshare in the younger generation, and I'm seeing all my "non-techy" friends who use MSN messenger start to use MSN to share pictures and perhaps post a blog entry or two.


blogwriter said...

I don't like change!!!!!

change it back

Edge said...


I was sick and tired of the blue background. Plus I didn't like the vertical bar of options on the left.

Change is good for the soul. As an example, giving up coke!

Anonymous said...

change sucks...drink coke!!

blogwriter said...

let us all drink coke