Monday, November 20, 2006

London...Part 2

More pics posted....

It's back to being overcast and cloudy - we were really spoiled for the weekend with the great sunny weather!

A few more notes about London - I feel like such a pathetic tourist saying this - but the cars on the other side of the road is very, very strange! I've nearly been hit a few times crossing - because I haven't been looking in the correct direction. Also, at intersecting streets the cars have the right of way, not the pedestrians. So, if you are walking along a main street, and cross a small side street - you need to look for cars first. A few near misses there as well..:)

This Pret a manger sandwich shop is excellent - just like in Sweden - Baby shrimp + lettuce + mayo + whole grain bread = GREAT SANDWICH!! I think it's the bread.

Other little notes:
- you pay a monthly TV service fee here (and that's not for cable)
- this is the ultimate "nickel-and-dime-you" city.. An example: if you "eat in" at the sandwich place, then you pay an "Eat-In" fee!
- staying at trafalgar square rocks - close to everything

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