Sunday, November 26, 2006

Paris - C'est Tres Beau!

After the couple of days in London, it was off up north to Cambridge, Sheffield, Peterborough, and a couple other places for some customer meetings. Then friday it was down to Fareham for more customer meetings, a train to London, then Paris! We arrived in Paris a bit late, then struggled to get a taxi. We ended up paying 30 Euros for a taxi drive that is typically 9 - but we were late, and needed to get ready for the show.....Moulin Rouge! We took a taxi from the hotel to the show, and got in the ridiculously long lineup. Rather than book seats, you just book a reservation (that you don't pay for yet either). Then, after getting in, I didn't present any identification that I had booked a reservation?!?! Nevertheless, the champagne arrived, and the show began....What a show!! Go see it.... Our hotel was amazing - it's called "Hotel De Vendome". The picture above has our hotel entrance on the far left.

Saturday we woke up and went to Angelina's for breakfast. This restaurant was very, very good. While a touch expensive (50 Euros) for two, the pastries and jams made it worth the smoked salmon, eggs were nice as well.. and the decor was very nice.

Next we decided on a bus tour - with only one real full day, it made sense. The tour was great - so many sights to see. Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc De Triumph, Le Louvre, Champs D'Elysee, Royal Opera, Place De Vendome :), and much more. What was most amazing is how Paris has retained it's historical beauty - the core has not given in to modernization.. We then revisited the Louvre and Notre Dame (went inside)....then took a break.. I worked with the Concierge at our hotel to get a dinner booking, which ended up being Bofinger for 10:30. This restaurant was very, very good as well. Had one of their best bottles of red wine (a 2000),
lobster, amazing escargot (with a sauce to die for), and sea scallops for the main. We didn't have a whole lot of food, yet were very full, and slightly delirious from the amazing dinner....though that could be the wine..:) I haven't had a meal like that in awhile - I'm still thinking about it today...!!!

Overall, Paris is great. We found the service to be excellent at the places we went to, the food amazing, the city quite clean in the main areas, and the architecture beautiful. And the culture? Let's just say I'm a bit jealous..:) Though neither of us really speak much french, we were able to get by (though there was a short menu scare..:)

Today, I'm back in London, waiting my flight to Germany. Three countries in one day today - yah, veird.

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