Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The world is a funny place

So I bought some new earphones for the flight friday - my PSP and iPod earphones just aren't that great (especially on those Dash 8 short flights to the NE US). I found a US site that had a great deal, and placed the order. As always, I had them delivered to the office. But wait...I receive an email saying "your work address isn't your billing address, so we can't do it." I call them, but no avail (back to amazon, I guess..). Their God hath spoken: THEY SHALL ONLY BE DELIVERED TO THY HOME.

Boring so far, yes?

I get home tonight, and see the UPS notice on my door. I call them - and they say they're going to be back again tomorrow between 10am and 2pm roughly. I politely point out that I tend to work then. The suggestion from the man from UPS?

"Can we ship it to your office location, sir?"

They'll arrive at the office tomorrow.

This needs a "name" and needs to get into Seinfeld - it's at least a better story than most of the last 3 seasons..!

PS - never used in-ear phones before - we'll see about this.

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