Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Final Leg - More Germany and Netherlands

Well, I'm back in toronto now. I have posted the rest of the pictures, but I didn't take too many unfortunately.. The final part of the trip was 3 days of doing some training, then a meeting, then drive to Tilburg Netherlands. And what a drive it was - driving anywhere from 160 kph minimum to over 200! Ahh, Germany..:)

Friday I came back to Dusseldorf for the night, and booked a hotel downtown right near the Christmas markets. The hotel was quite nice, and the location very good. We went for a walk along the Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine..:) (heated red wine, with a shot of amaretto).

The next day I did a tiny bit of horseback riding! It was great - I forgot how much I love horses.. Just need to learn how to ride properly, though I did get a crash course in english-style.

Back to London, and back to the trafalgar hotel. I ended up chatting with the DJ, and we went over to the club across the street, called Doon. It was pretty good! Then back home......

Some more quick notes:
- smoking is EVERYWHERE. Sitting at breakfast in Tilburg, there is a family with a pregnant mother, and they're smoking away...
- I had sooo many great meals - my passion for cooking is back!
- Germans LOVE christmas!!!

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