Thursday, May 17, 2007

Delays, Lost Baggage Super Happy Fun Times

Fun day of travel today - this is the 4th trip from Toronto to Tulsa in the past few months, but this one? Well, it no go so smooth. To recap:

4am - wake up.
5am - arrive at terminal. Computer says go to counter. Go to United Airlines counter. They say go to Air Canada counter. They say to go to computer. It's too early for this.
6:30am - board plane (United Airlines)
7:00am - Plane power goes out when pulling out. We sit.
7:45am - Plane takes off.
8:30am (Now CST) - Land in Chicago. Gate agent has booked me on an American Airlines flight.
9:50am - board American Airlines flight. Not star alliance - so last to board.
10:30am - Plane takes off. Chicago delays (waiting in queue for takeoff).
1:00pm - Arrive in Tulsa.
1:20pm - Bag not there. Go to counter - they take down my hotel and contact information - say my bag is probably on a later United flight. Will fwd to me once it arrives. Off to hotel.
5pm - Start to wonder what is going on. Called United to see what they would say. They said to call American Airlines.

So I call American. Turns out that a lost baggage report was not created by the Tulsa Baggage claim desk, so no records. They created one, while giving me some grief that this is really united's fault and they are helping me out here. They don't know where the bag is - but will start the tracking process, and I'll hear from them when they find it.

I decide to call United back. They say the bag is sitting in the Tulsa airport, at the United baggage claim desk. Say it has been there since about 2pm. I asked them if they could alert the local Tulsa United rep to tell American it's there. They can't do this - it's up to American Airlines to come over and get it. Hang up.

Call American back. She gets my info, puts me on hold for awhile, then she came back and said bag is going to be in Denver for 7:50pm. I asked "I'm in tulsa. The bag is on it's way to Denver?" She said Yep. I said United told me that it has been sitting in Tulsa since 2pm. Back on hold...5 minutes later, she asked "So you are saying that someone told you that your bag is in Tulsa?" I responded with "Yep - I called United, gave them the baggage #, and they said it's been sitting in Tulsa." Back on hold...she comes back and says that she can't reach anyone at the Tulsa baggage claim desk. Says she will try again, and I'll hear from them when they have found the bag. If they don't? Won't call until they have the bag.

6:45pm - Called Diners. May need to get insurance involved and buy some clothes for tomorrows meeting.

So much for an afternoon of golf! Silliness. The flight delays aren't too bad - those happen all the time - but I hate checking luggage!!

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