Saturday, June 09, 2007

Catching up with York

I started the week up in Shildon, just outside of Darlington. The picture here is of the hotel - quite the impressive drive up! Wednesday, we went to Whitby, where a restaurant called Magpie's has supposedly the best fish and chips in the country. It was good, but I'll not say #1..:) What is most interesting about Whitby is the goth angle - much of Bram Stoker's dracula novel was inspired by and set here - which has resulted in a bi-annual gothic weekend.

I'm just leaving York now, and it was a great time! I arrived at the hotel on thursday, and shortly thereafter went down to the Kings Arms for a pint or 3. Soon enough I was chatting up the locals, and a few rounds had passed. Ended up hitting a club called the gallery, which had a sunken dance floor in the middle. Friday I did a full tour of the city, including York Minster (climbed the tower), the wall, and Jorvik. Friday night I caught up with the people I had met the night before, including some band members, and started, yep, at the Kings Arms..:) We then hit a pub for a bit, and went to "The Willow". They had prepped me - but what a hilarious place! It's a chinese restaurant that moves all the tables to the side at midnight, and brings out the crazy DJ. And the music is strange - the playlist included Cocacabana, I've had the time of my life, rap music, electronic, early 90's dance, and, of course, summer of 69 (which the york locals absolutely love). The crowd and overall vibe was just plain fun!

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